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Nov 20
  • Registration and Reception
  • Start of Program
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Voting for ideas
  • Teams Forming and discussions start
  • Team begin to work


Nov 21
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Working on Ideas
  • Dinner
  • Working on Ideas


Nov 22
  • Open Breakfast
  • Working on Ideas
  • Lunch
  • Preparing for presentations
  • Final pitches (Judging and Awards)
  • Awards ceremony
  • Goodbye

Shirin Kamali

Shirin is an Organizer of Startup Weekend Berlin. She Graduated from
Institude of Design Berlin in Communications-Design in September 2013.
During her studies she already started doing stuff with Startup Weekend
Berlin and Loved it, so she became an Organizer her self and also
started to build Startup Germany (still work in progress!)
She is Proud to be a part of this world because she belives in new ideas
and growing this new ideas.


Homayoun Sami

Prestige Land Business Development Manager

Homayoun have been Spend a lot of years in Developing small businesses to the way of success. Now a days he consulting Isfahan CityCenter, the biggest entrepreneurial activity in country.

Houman Sadeghi Kaji

Dr.Houman Sadeghi Kaji've started software developing in the 1980s decade. He was Lab Manager at Nortel Co. He is one of the first member who worked on Wimax technology in Middle East.
Now he is board member and CTO at Lotus Communication Inc.


Majid Alavizadeh

Founder of Majidonline   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Majid has founded and managed MajidOnline since its inception. The site has helped solve many design, programming related problems. He has now started his own company building and consulting websites for different businesses.

Pooya Mahmoodian

CEO, Axprint   |  LinkedIn

Pooya is a board member and CEO of “” the first online photo publishing service in Iran. Leading this successful business brought him valuable experiences in running a startup: creating business model, defining business strategies and vision, operations management, branding, marketing, growth hack, etc.

Mahdi Nasseri

Business consultant & a member of faculty   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Mahdi has became a member of faculty after he graduated as honor student, from degree of MSc in Information Technology Engineering (Electronic commerce), Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic). As an IT Expert, he has had a lot of technical experiences, Business and system analysis and IT project management in large companies in the scope of IT. Nowadays, after starting up a few internet-based businesses, he focused on the start-up engineering.

Mohammad Jafar Kermanpour

Mohammad nearly 10 years has worked as a trainer and counsoller in the field of entrepreneurship and information technology. He was successful presenter and advisor to several startups . And he currently follow the agile management of IT projects.

Ghazal Shishavani

co-founder   |  LinkedIn

Ghazal's background is in business development, marketing, and branding. Ghazal became an entrepreneur getting the vibe from working with the visionaries, rebels, and people who believe they can change the world. Her favorite qoute: " shoot for the stars at least you will land somewhere on the moon.".
She believes entrepreneurship is one of the ways to build a better generation of humankind for future. That is why she a startupweekend mentor.
when not working you can find this proud cat lady drinking coffee in Lamiz Tajrish, reading her favorite books and giving career advice to 20 somethings.

Mohamad Ali Zahedi

Business analyst, marketing educator   |  Google+

I am here to eagerly share my academic knowledge in the field of Management and a decade of business experiences as the vice president of Hod Hod Zayande-Rood Enterprises.
I would like to give my advice to brave young people who want to be the hero of their own life.
I believe we have the will to choose our life’s direction. We are responsible to be the
Entrepreneur ecosystem of our society.

Hod Hod Zayandeh-Rood has been chosen as one of the three most innovative entrepreneurial enterprises in Iran as nominated by the 2013 Sheykh-Bahaee Technological Entrepreneurship Conference.

Mohammad Goharian

CEO if Gaz Sekkeh

Mohammad Graduated from Sharjah university in Economics major(Ph.D) and MBA from Isfahan university. Now, he is CEO of Gaz Sekkeh Sience 1989. He've partnership in develop more than 100 Business model. Also he is a member of entrepreneurship festival.

Ali Sobbouhi

co-founder, board member and CEO of Kian Control Apadana   |  LinkedIn

Ali Sobbouhi is co-founder, board member and CEO of Kian Control Apadana Engineering Co. The complex which he and his associations lead is one of well known and efficient companies in design, execution and training in industrial automation and processing control. Many innovations and renovations in control systems, production lines, oil and petrochemical, water and waste water is result of his team effort.

Parham Baghestani

TisaInteractive   |  LinkedInGoogle+

Parham is UX designer. 4 years ago he and his co-workers held Usability conference in Iran and a year before they held first Open Web Platform conference. Now a days parham works in Chargoon co and also he founded TisaInteractive.

Masih Karimian

Design and Branding Consultant   |  LinkedIn

BioMasih thinks about designing the innovative organizations, and has chosen the problem solving approach for his consultancy.His experience in this field is more than 10 years. He has been operating his professional consultancy bureau and helping the newly found and big companies. Furthermore, he has been teaching students and managers the entrepreneurship and business analysis courses in the Industrial Management Institute (IMI) for 5 years. Holding the creativity workshops and turning the new ideas to business are other experiences that he has done during these years.

Mahdi Niazimanesh
Hossein Mazrooe
Ali Siamaki
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